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Shine Rabbi Tzemach's Light

This past Friday, the second of Tamuz, our dear brother and friend, Rabbi Tzemach Cunin A”H returned his holy soul to Hashem, when he was suddenly and unexpectedly taken from us, at the young age of 43. 

Tzemach was always there for anyone when they needed him, and his famous smile was sure to brighten up your day. 

Tzemach's wife Ada and her 5 precious children (Mendel 17, Goldie 16, Levi 13, Chaya Mushka 6, Chana Bluma 5) need us now. At the direction of the esteemed Lubavitch Rabbonim of Los Angeles (Rabbi Ezra Schochet, Rabbi Yosef Shusterman and Rabbi Shimon Raichik), a fund has been established to help cover the personal financial needs of the family, both during this difficult time, as well as for their future. 

The funds will be managed with the guidance of financial professionals, to ensure the long term financial security of Tzemach’s family. 

We ask that you open your heart and give generously, and may we share only good news and Simchas. 

We the undersigned committee will be the only ones with access to the funds, and we will be taking full responsibility for their proper distribution.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email or on our cell phones below.

Rabbi Tzali Wilschanski - Ada’s Brother 
(262) 359-0770 rabbitzali@gmail.com

Rabbi Dov Newman - Tzemach’s Brother in-law
(310) 871-2078 rabbidov@chabadofbeverlywood.com

Shaya Lowenstein - Friend of the family 
(323) 944-2221 Shaya.com@gmail.com

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